Assumed Announces Commitment to Growing Global Cybersecurity Success During Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

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Now in its 20th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 is highlighting the growing importance of cybersecurity in our daily lives and encouraging individuals and businesses to take important cybersecurity steps to stay safe online.

“At Assumed, we believe that information security isn’t simple, but it should be!  We are excited to partner with CISA and the National Cybersecurity Alliance to bring awareness to the broader community during Cybersecurity Awareness Month and throughout the year.” 
– Dan Cerceo, Chief Information Security Officer

From mobile to connected home devices, technology is deeply intertwined with our lives. And while the evolution of technology accelerates, cybercriminals are working just as hard to find ways to compromise technology and disrupt personal and business life. For 20 Octobers and counting, Cybersecurity Awareness Month aims to highlight some of the emerging challenges that exist in the world of cybersecurity today and provide straightforward actionable guidance that anyone can follow to create a safe and secure digital world for themselves and their loved ones.

Starting this year, the new theme of Cybersecurity Awareness Month is Secure Our World, with the main messaging revolving around four key cybersecurity best practices:

  1. Understanding the benefits of using a password manager and dispelling existing myths around password manager security and ease of use.
  2. Turning on multifactor authentication on personal devices and business networks.
  3. Recognizing and reporting phishing – still one of the primary threat actions used by cybercriminals today.
  4. Installing updates on a regular basis and turning on automated updates.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month continues to build momentum and impact with the goal of providing everyone with the information they need to stay safer and more secure online. Assumedis proud to support this far-reaching online safety awareness and education initiative which is co-managed by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the National Cybersecurity Alliance.

For more information about Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 and how to participate in a wide variety of activities, visit and You can also follow and use the hashtag #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth and #SecureOurWorld on social media throughout the month.

About Assumed

Assumed was born of the need to answer one simple question: “Is the data under my care as secure as it needs to be?”  Our innovative data leak monitoring and process validation solutions are informed by deep expertise in secure software development, proactive protection of business services, and years of experience working in security and privacy-sensitive industries including lead generation, ad-tech, data analytics, and consumer marketing.  We believe that simple but effective security solutions can break down barriers to compliance with regulations, protect consumers, and reduce the security risks that all businesses must face in today’s world.  Our flagship product, Assumed DLM, can help customers detect indicators of data leaks, vet data partners and validate your customer experience. Be proactive and build trust with ASSUMED.  Learn more at

About Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is designed to engage and educate public- and private-sector partners through events and initiatives with the goal of raising awareness about cybersecurity to increase the resiliency of the nation in the event of a cyber incident. Since the Presidential proclamation establishing Cybersecurity Awareness Month in 2004, the initiative has been formally recognized by Congress, federal, state, and local governments and leaders from industry and academia. This united effort is necessary to maintain a cyberspace that is safer and more resilient and remains a source of tremendous opportunity and growth for years to come. For more information, visit and