Identify Data Abuse

Data abuse poses significant privacy and compliance risks through misuse, unauthorized sharing or selling without consent. Assumed provides a solution to identify and prevent data abuse, helping you build and maintain trust with clients, partners, and consumers.

How would you know if your data is being abused?

A core tenet of privacy is that consumer data will only be used for its intended purpose with the individual’s consent. However, detecting when data is being misused or abused can be challenging. With Assumed, you can effectively monitor and identify instances of data abuse, ensuring your data handling practices are ethical and compliant.

The importance of preventing data abuse

Data that is misused, abused, sold or shared without consent can lead to serious privacy and compliance implications. Unauthorized use of data not only violates privacy laws but also erodes consumers’ trust in your organization. By proactively identifying and preventing data abuse, you can uphold your commitment to data privacy and build stronger, more trustworthy relationships.

Assumed’s approach to identifying data abuse

Assumed has a simple process to identifying data abuse:

Buying contact seeds

Similar to our data leak detection process, Assumed uses decoy contacts to monitor for data abuse. These artificial contacts are designed to look like actual consumer data, including names, email addresses, phone numbers and other attributes. By embedding these decoy contacts within your data systems, you can track their use.

Monitoring for unauthorized activity

Assumed monitors interactions with the seeded contacts for any signs of misuse, unauthorized sharing or data selling. By capturing email messages, voice calls, and text messages directed at these artificial contacts, Assumed can identify instances of data abuse in real-time.

Analyzing communication patterns

Our solution analyzes the decoy contacts’ communication patterns to detect any anomalies or unauthorized activities. This includes identifying unexpected or suspicious communications indicating data misuse or abuse. Assumed provides early warnings of potential data abuse by closely monitoring these patterns.

Alerting and reporting

When data abuse is detected, Assumed provides daily and weekly alerts and a real-time dashboard. These reports highlight the nature of the abuse, the parties involved, and the compromised data. This information is crucial for taking swift corrective action and mitigating potential damage.

Building trust through data integrity

Ensuring that an individual’s data is not abused is essential for building trust with clients, partners, and consumers. Using Assumed’s data abuse detection solution, you can demonstrate your commitment to ethical data handling practices and compliance with privacy regulations. This proactive approach protects your organization from legal and reputational risks and fosters a culture of trust and transparency.

Identifying and preventing data abuse is a critical aspect of maintaining data privacy and compliance. With Assumed, you can effectively monitor for data abuse, ensuring that consumer data is used only for its intended purpose with proper consent. Using seeded contacts, monitoring for unauthorized activity, analyzing communication patterns and providing detailed alerts and reports, Assumed helps you safeguard your data and build trust with all stakeholders. Trust in Assumed to help you protect your data and uphold the highest data integrity and privacy standards.