Turn Assumptions into Confidence with Assumed Data Leak Monitoring

We provide simple but effective data leak monitoring and process validation solutions. With Assumed, you can ensure that your partners handle their data as they claim, validate your lead/sales processes, and monitor your databases for unauthorized access or theft. Don’t just assume; verify with Assumed.

Are your partners treating your contacts with respect?

With Assumed, you can test how your vendors and partners handle the contacts they have. We use decoy contacts to monitor emails, text messages, and phone calls in real-time, alerting you to any excessive or irrelevant communication or unauthorized use of data under your care. This allows you to ensure that your partners manage data as promised and adhere to best data handling practices.

Would you know if your consumer marketing lists are compromised?

With Assumed you will! Detect unauthorized use of consumer data with our data leak monitoring solution. Data leak detection as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Create artificial leak-detecting contacts. These fake seed contacts include a name, an actual working email address, a phone number and other record attributes you define.
  2. Plant contacts wherever your sensitive data is stored. Place leak-detecting contacts in your CRM, HR systems, mailing lists, or anywhere you store personal consumer or employee data.
  3. Check your Assumed inbox. The Assumed Inbox collects incoming email messages, voice calls, and text messages (SMS) that your artificial contact has received. Validate your processes and identify leaks using a label and whitelisting system.

If your top sales executive left the company and took your customer database with them, would you know?

With Assumed, you can monitor your databases for unauthorized access or theft. Our solution indicates a data breach or misuse of protected data, reveals insider threat activities, including theft of company-owned data, and validates sales, lead generation, and customer contact processes. If your decoy contact suddenly receives emails from your competitor, you know theft was involved. 

Why choose Assumed Data Leak Monitoring?

Assumed offers simple, intuitive leak detection, monitoring, and process validation. Our solution is affordable and easy to set up without the need to purchase and install software or change any of your infrastructure. We cater to many different types of businesses, from small companies with limited resources that are seeking to safeguard their customer data to large corporations managing vast amounts of sensitive data stored in many systems. Healthcare providers who must comply with HIPAA regulations. And also financial institutions that need to comply with laws such as PCI DSS and government agencies that need to protect sensitive information from cyber-attacks.

Know exactly when a data breach has happened and what is being sent out, from threats such as:

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Unsecured Networks

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Physical Theft

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3rd Party Breaches