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How Does Assumed Monitor Data?
Using Assumed, you will get contacts as an email or with an additional phone number. You simply place the contact in your database or whatever you would like to track such as forms or lists. From there your Assumed inbox will accumulate the emails, calls and text messages that the contact receives. You will be notified of this activity based on labels and what numbers or emails you have whitelisted.
What Do The Contacts Do?
Contacts are real emails and phone numbers that you will use as decoys to monitor the security of databases, vet your vendors, test your sales reps or many other options of use cases for the contacts.
What Are Labels For?
Labels are used to either tag or group contacts. If you are importing some contacts into different databases or vetting specific vendors, you should tag them with where they are going to keep track and report better.
When Will Notifications Come Though?
You can set notification as daily, weekly or not at all from the Notifications tab. Notifications are set to weekly by default. You will receive an email notification with the amount of emails, calls and messages that your inbox has received broken down by labels and whitelist items.
What Is Assumed?
We provide simple but effective data leak monitoring and process validation solutions. With Assumed, you can ensure that your partners handle their data as they claim, validate your lead/sales processes, and monitor your databases for unauthorized access or theft. Don’t just assume; verify with Assumed.
How Do I Order Contacts?
From either the Contacts tab, or the shopping basket icon, you can click the Add Contacts button to begin. Choose the state you want your contacts to be from and how many you would like to purchase. There are limits for purchasing contacts which you will see after added to the cart, you can also edit them from there. Also choose your order period of either 3 months or a year. This is how long it will be until you contacts expire, unless you choose the renewing subscription.
Where Do I Put The Contacts?
You can either export your contacts after purchasing them using the button on the contacts page, or copy and paste the contact information from the contact or contact details popup. From there you can import them to your database or wherever you need the contacts to go.
How Do I Use The Whitelist?
You will want to weed out emails, calls and messages from sources that the contact should be getting information from. You can add this to the whitelist so Assumed knows that communications from those sources are normal. You will still be notified of them in the report, but will not raise any red flags.

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