Stop Guessing, Start Coaching: How Assumed can Elevate Client Recommendations

Vetting partners and vendors checklist

As a sales coach, you know that having insight into what your clients are actually communicating to prospects is the key to success. However, that insight can be challenging to obtain or take much manual effort. That’s where Assumed’s seeded contacts come in. Use them as a powerful data monitoring solution to validate your clients’ processes and gain insights into their activities.

With this monitoring capability, you can identify which clients are diligently working on their leads and which need more coaching. Do they tailor their messages for higher conversion rates? Do they call them at the correct times of the day? Are they sticking to the script? Conversely, clients not actively pursuing opportunities will have little to no interaction with planted fake leads, quickly flagging them as underperformers requiring additional coaching.

You can also validate that your clients’ marketing messages are clearly communicated throughout the prospect and customer stage. Testing opt-outs is another thing you can do with an Assumed contact to confirm that your clients are honoring opt-outs properly. Most importantly, you’ll immediately discover if any seeded contacts are being misused or passed to unauthorized third parties, protecting your clients from data theft, leaks, or breaches.

How Assumed Works for Sales Coaching

Getting started with Assumed is a breeze: 

  1. Purchase Assumed Seeds: Create your account, select specifics such as state or if you want a phone number for your contacts, and then purchase them. Contacts start at $1. These seeded contacts are realistic but artificial lead/contact records with names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. 
  2. Then, distribute these seeded contacts throughout your CRM, marketing automation systems, dialers, and email lists. Or fill out forms that will go into your sales pipeline. Put them where your sales reps will be contacting them. Label the contacts according to what sales rep, team, or internal division will contact them.

Assumed provides immediate visibility into the interactions your team has with the seeded contacts. This real-time tracking gives you a clear view of your team’s performance, empowering you to make informed coaching decisions.

Don’t leave your clients’ activities to guesswork. With Assumed, you gain more visibility, enabling you to coach more effectively, streamline your processes and boost revenues. See the difference Assumed can make in your sales coaching efforts today!