Securing the Chain of Lead Distribution

“If a client brings an issue to our attention, for example they believe another client is double selling quoting the leads, this issue takes precedence over all the other problems.” – iRelo

Discover the Solution to a Problem Many Lead Generators Face

To explore how iRelo, a lead generation company in the auto transport and moving industries, has leveraged Assumed’s contact vetting solution to address the challenges of lead reselling, quality assurance, and partner management. The case study aims to highlight iRelo’s journey from manual testing processes to adopting Assumed’s technology, detailing the benefits, insights gained, and the overall impact on iRelo’s operations, client relationships, and customer experience.

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Benefits Discussed in the Study

There are many ways that you can benefit from using Assumed, not only to check for data leaks or vet vendors but also for all the reasons below.

Efficient Partner Vetting

With Assumed, iRelo streamlined vetting, swiftly identifying and addressing partners who don’t meet their strict lead handling standards. This replaced the old, manual process with a faster, more reliable system.

Centralized Data and Visibility

Assumed serves as a centralized hub for decoy contacts, allowing iRelo to monitor partner communications. This visibility ensures the lead’s journey is transparent and manageable.

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Unauthorized Contact Detection

Detecting unauthorized lead reselling or misuse became simpler with Assumed. iRelo can now quickly spot any irregularities, safeguarding lead integrity and value.

Streamlined Partner Management

iRelo’s partner management has become more efficient thanks to Assumed, allowing for better communication and oversight. This has made managing relationships and expectations with partners much smoother.