Conduct a Self-assessment, Vet Your Data Partners or Assess 3rd Party Risk Using the MVSP Security Questionnaire.  

Use the Assumed Secure mobile app to easily complete an assessment, build a roadmap and generate a compliance report to demonstrate your commitment to meeting essential security standards and best practices.

Download the MVSP questionnaire in excel format

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Minimum Viable Secure Product is a minimalistic security checklist for B2B software and business process outsourcing suppliers. Designed with simplicity in mind, the checklist contains only those controls that must, at a minimum, be implemented to ensure a reasonable security posture.
Learn more about MVSP here.

Self-assessment questionaries to align with a minimum baseline

The Assumed Secure questionnaire is based on the Minimum Viable Secure Product checklist, a minimalistic set of security controls for B2B software and services.  Learn more about MVSP controls here

Based on your answers to the questionnaire, the app helps you create and manage tasks that will improve your compliance with the security controls checklist.

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Improve compliance with tasks tailored to your business

Our app allows you to easily schedule and manage security-related tasks through your calendar, ensuring that you stay on track and never miss an important security activity.

  • Google Calendar integration
  • Custom to your business
  • Security & compliance checkup
  • Alerts to keep business on track

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