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Assumed Solutions

Assumed App

Our mobile app is the solution for keeping your business secure and compliant. With customized calendar tasks relating to the MVSP, our app makes staying on top of your business’ security practices a breeze!

Date Leakage Monitoring

Our data leakage monitoring solution is designed to track the source of data leaks, whether it’s a rogue employee or a breach. Our solution monitors your data in real-time, alerting you to any suspicious activity.

Website Badge

Our badge indicates that your company is having Assumed monitor how you market to your customers. Assumed anonymously adds a record and then monitors the emails, calls and texts that are sent.

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    What Is Assumed?

    Assumptions can be dangerous, especially in the business world where consumer data is at risk of being leaked to external destinations or recipients. As a result companies must ensure robust security controls to manage serious risks such as data leakage. Many businesses assume that their systems are secure and fail to provide the minimum viable …

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