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Are your partners treating contacts with respect?

With Assumed, evaluate your vendors’ and partners’ contact management practices. We use decoy contacts to monitor real-time communications, alerting you to unauthorized data usage or irrelevant communication. This ensures that your partners uphold their commitments and adhere to optimal data management practices.

Would you know if your consumer marketing lists are compromised?

With Assumed, secure your peace of mind! Our data leak monitoring solution simplifies unauthorized data usage detection. We assist in creating decoy contacts placed in your data storage systems. Our Assumed Inbox collects all incoming communications, enabling you to spot data leaks and validate processes effectively.

Would you know if an employee left and took your customer data?

With Assumed, stay ready! We equip you with tools to monitor databases for unauthorized access or theft. Our solution detects data breaches, uncovers insider threats, and validates your business processes. If a decoy contact gets competitor emails, you’ll instantly know about data theft.

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