Empower Your Business with Assumed

We’re looking for partners who are as passionate about security as we are. As a partner, you’ll be featured in our Assumed Secure app, as well as some possible features in our Assumed Data Leak Monitoring solution. Let’s work together to make the internet a safer place for businesses everywhere.

Reseller Opportunity – We are seeking managed security service providers and consultants to sell our data leak monitoring solution into small to midsize businesses that may not have the resources or capabilities to monitor their sensitive data flows for internal or external data leaks.

Referral and Affiliate Opportunity – The Assumed Secure app helps users identify essential security controls that are necessary to provide the minimum level of protection for their application or service. In many cases, there will be an opportunity for the user to explore recommendations in areas where they may need to make improvements or work with external service providers to meet basic security requirements. A few examples include: penetration testing services, security awareness training, single sign-on providers, or other managed security services and products.

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