How Does Assumed Work With Salesforce?

Assumed is an essential auditing tool for Salesforce CRM users. It provides seed records that alert security professionals at the first sign of data abuse, ensuring rapid response and protection of your customer database.

A seeded contact is a realistic consumer record with a name, address, phone number, and email. Assumed integrates with Salesforce when you place these contacts in your CRM. Through the Assumed dashboard, you can monitor all inbound activity these contacts receive, including emails, calls, and SMS messages. This allows you to quickly detect and respond to any signs of data abuse, ensuring the integrity and protection of your customer database.

Detect Indicators of Data Leaks

Find out exactly when a data leak or breach happens.

Vet Your Data Partners

Dozens of phone calls and text in a day is unacceptable. Ensure partners are doing what they should be with data.

Validate Customer Experience

Your customers should not have a bad experience, find out what exactly they are getting and by who.

Questions on how to leverage Assumed to vet your data partners? Chat with our CISO, Dan!