Assumed at LeadsCon 2024

Taylor Leikness Avatar


LeadsCon is the place to be in the lead gen space this year; Assumed will be there. Our mission? To showcase how we’re the solution for vetting partners and vendors. Do you want proof? Check out our case study!

Why LeadsCon?

LeadsCon is the perfect platform to demonstrate our latest advancements and connect with other innovators. It aligns with our goal to help lead the industry forward regarding data leak monitoring and vetting and give the best experiences for leads and companies that use consumer data.

Expect from Assumed:

  • Get a look at our multi-use application for seeding databases and landing pages.
  • Our specialists will share valuable strategies and tips regarding the FCC, data security, vetting vendors and partners and more.
  • Discover how you can validate your customer experience, leading to higher quality leads.
  • Get the scoop on how to monitor for data theft, leaks and breaches.
  • We’re excited to meet potential partners, clients, and fellow industry leaders to explore new collaborative opportunities.

Have us help you shape your digital future

As LeadsCon approaches, we at Assumed are gearing up to push the crossroads between lead generation and data security. Our presence at the conference is more than just an opportunity to showcase our innovations; it’s an invitation to you to join us at the forefront of the industry. Take advantage of this chance to connect with us and learn how Assumed can help you set new benchmarks for quality and security for your business. Check us out at booth 814, and see you at LeadsCon!