Your Business is Your Castle – Build it Like One.

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castle security

In an age long ago, medieval architects were tasked with designing a functional and secure facility for administering the kingdom.  All aspects of the castle’s design were implemented with security at the top of mind. From thick stone walls and tall watchtowers to drawbridges, iron gates and moats, each element of the castle’s architecture was purposely designed to protect its occupants and the kingdom’s treasure. An armory within the castle walls was well-equipped with defensive and offensive weapons such as armor, shields and swords. Stables full of horses and platoons of knights were ready to rapidly respond to outside threats and any breach of the castle walls. 

A castle’s architecture can be a valuable analogy for the design and operation of a modern business.  To protect your “crown jewels” – your intellectual property, your employees or sensitive data – implement a layered approach to security in all aspects of your business architecture.  This is also known as defense in depth. Implement monitoring tools to detect the initial signs of a breach.  Be prepared with the plans and capabilities to respond to outside threats rapidly.  Protect your secrets, user credentials and API keys with tools and techniques such as 2FA.  In other words, don’t give away the “keys to the kingdom!”

Assumptions can be dangerous regarding your business’s data security.  Can you trust your data partners?   Are your customer databases and CRM systems at risk for insider threats? Have your castle walls already been breached? Assumed is an essential tool that can be your watchtower, allowing you to monitor synthetic data flows for indicators of leaks and helping you to identify trusted partners to improve your sensitive data handling processes. Do more with Assumed.